May 19, 2022

CureLab Veterinary Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on Wefunder to Revolutionize Medicine for Dogs, Cats, and Horses

CureLab Veterinary addresses a $207 billion global pet cancer market, and Elenavet™, the company’s lead drug, has successfully treated 10 out of 11 dogs with breast cancer; this is an equity crowdfunding opportunity for early equity investment where one can own part of a promising biotech company

BOSTON—June 9, 2022: CureLab Veterinary, an emerging animal health biotech company, has launched its equity crowdfunding campaign in partnership with WeFunder, the nation’s leading investment crowdfunding platform. Using its lead product, Elenavet™ (a supercoiled circular DNA called a plasmid), the company has successfully treated 10 out of 11 dogs with breast cancer.

“After the success of our early clinical trials, we are anxious to start the approval process and production in the United States to help reduce the pain and suffering of pets,” said Robert Devlin, DVM, MBA, of CureLab Veterinary. “Studies have shown that when pets have cancer their owner’s health is also compromised. Pets are integral family members for most US households, and CureLab Veterinary wants to help. We are looking to the larger pet-loving community to invest in our company. For as little as $100, investors can make an enormous positive social impact for pets and participate in an opportunity for financial upside.”

CureLab Veterinary is targeting a significant market opportunity with its therapeutic. There are 85 million dogs and 103 million cats in Europe. For the USA, these numbers are 96 and 90 million respectively. 43% of dogs and 32% of cats over the age of 10 will suffer from cancer, and pet owners willingly pay at least $2,000 for a course of cancer treatment.

In veterinary clinics outside the United States, Elenavet™ demonstrated the most encouraging first results for both dogs and cats with different types of cancer. Whether prescribed alone or in conjunction with additional chemotherapeutic agents, Elenavet, once approved, could capture and expand a significant portion of the market.

As its secondary market after cancer, CureLab Veterinary is planning to treat diseases of aging in dogs, cats, and horses. The company has a comprehensive patent portfolio in over 20 countries both for cancer and for diseases of chronic inflammation. Osteoarthritis, for example, debilitates 80% of elderly dogs and 90% of cats.

CureLab Veterinary has already established a constructive dialog with regulators in the United States (USDA-CVB) and the European Union (CVM). The company plans to attain conditional licensure in the US within 36 months from the end of the investment round. The conditional licensure will provide the company with a right to sell leading to profitability. An alternate business strategy would be to license the product to a pharmaceutical company.

“There are many ways to raise money, but most of them involve a gatekeeper between our talents and the everyday people who want to invest,” said CureLab Veterinary Founder Dr. Alexander Shneider. “That gatekeeper is known collectively as Wall Street — the VCs, underwriters, or other form of institutionalized ‘wisdom’ that stand between us, the innovators, and people we are committed to helping. We are leveling the playing field with a Reg CF crowdfunding offering for independent investors and a Reg D offering for . accredited investors and institutions. Anybody—from a student to a Fortune 500 CEO—can become a part of CureLab’s success. To me, this is the highest form of economic democracy and is why we chose to crowdfund over other types of fundraising.”

About CureLab Veterinary’s Wefunder crowdfunding campaign

CureLab Veterinary’s equity crowdfunding campaign can be found here. Anyone can reserve a spot now through the Wefunder platform. Early investors will receive a 20% discount. We are testing the waters to gauge investor interest in an offering under Regulation Crowdfunding. No money or other consideration is being solicited. If sent, it will not be accepted. No offer to buy securities will be accepted. No part of the purchase price will be received until a Form C is filed and only through Wefunder’s platform. Any indication of interest involves no obligation or commitment of any kind.

About CureLab Veterinary

Today, our four-legged family members are living longer than ever. Unfortunately, with this longer lifespan, our furry friends now are experiencing many of the same cancers and diseases due to chronic inflammation as their pet parents. CureLab Veterinary, a sister company of CureLab Oncology, is dedicated to bringing advanced therapies to treat cancer and inflammatory diseases to support better pet health and longevity. To learn more, visit

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