P62-plasmid Reduces/Reverts Tumor Grade

The grade of a tumor — the cancer grade — is an indication of how quickly it is likely to grow and spread.
Tumors of higher grades are more resistant to treatment modalities.
Elenagen reverts/reduces the tumor grade (data in spontaneous canine mammary cancers):
The tumor grade was reverted in 5 dogs out of 6
In 1 case out of 6 the tumor was reverted to a non-cancerous state
Pts # Before After
1 SC +++ TP++
2 TP ++ TP +
3 SC+++ SC+++
4 SC+++ CC++
6 TP++ CC+

SC: solid carcinoma; TP : tubulo-papillary carcinoma; CC: complex carcinoma; TPA: tubulo-papillary adenoma.