May 12, 2022
June 9, 2022

Review Paper Published by CureLab Veterinary and University of Camerino Shows Additional Opportunities for Use of Elenavet in Treating Domestic Animals

CureLab Veterinary is preparing to start the USDA-CVB process with its patented product and is raising funds to complete the USDA-CVB licensing process in the United States

BOSTON – May 19, 2022: CureLab Veterinaryannounced that a scientific paper published by a team of scientists at the University of Camerino in Italy together with researchers from CureLab Veterinary shows that CureLab Veterinary’s exclusive Elenavet™ p-62 DNA plasmid can be a potent multifactorial agent for negating inflammation. Exogenously given, P62/SQSTM1 (p62) plasmid shows promise for coordinating stem cell differentiation and ameliorating inflammation, and participates in the restriction and reduction of tumors through immune cell recruitment and anti-metastatic activity.

According to the paper, “intracellular p62 has been recently coined as a multi-task tool associated with autophagy, bone remodeling, bone marrow integrity, cancer progression, and the maintenance of systemic homeostasis. Accordingly, p62 can act as an effective suppressor of inflamm-aging, reducing oxidative stress and proinflammatory signals. Such an operational schedule renders this protein an effective watchdog for degenerative diseases and cancer development in laboratory and pet animals.”

The scientists strongly support continued research, including clinical trials using P62/SQSTM1 to further elucidate the benefits it brings to domestic animals as well as its potential translation to humans.

“The medical literature data underscores the need to bring our P62/SQSTM1 plasmid to clinical trials in the US,” said Robert Devlin, DVM, MBA, of CureLab Veterinary. “This data supports and augments our own research efforts overseas, where we have seen a strong correlation between P62/SQSTM1 plasmid usage and a significant reduction in certain cancer manifestations.”

CureLab Veterinary is preparing to start the USDA-CVB process with its patented product and is raising funds to complete the USDA-CVB licensing process in the US. The company is working with interested investment parties to repeat and expand the research already completed in Europe, which has shown great potential for anti-cancer activities as well as other applications.

There are 85 million dogs and 103 million cats in Europe. According to the Veterinary Cancer Society (2017), cancer was the leading cause of death in 47 percent of dogs and 32 percent of cats, especially those over the age of 10.

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